Rainforest Escape 2020 Part 2

The Rainforest Escape 2020 -Part 2, is an extension of Maheka Mirpuri’s Vision that now finally completes Part 1. This campaign is also continued to be shot at Maheka Mirpuri’s Residence, yet in the lockdown period. The Part 2 gets very Edgy with lots of Pockets, Buttons and Exaggeration. The Ribbed accents enhance the off shoulder style with a luxe look. Lots more dresses, big sleeves and shirts dominate the relaxed look with a burst of colours.
The added feature to the mysterious owl, fluttering butterfly and the colourful toucan bird is of the silver tone metal swarovski serpentine and the roaring tiger. It’s nothing short of Being Glamorous. A perfect blend of being dressed up and looking fabulous. We welcome you to set that evening glam, yet relaxed look and explore her vivacious colourful journey. Enjoy this magical shopping experience, and while we’re all practising Social Distancing, Let’s find our “Best Friend” in this nature’s beautiful adventure.



Maheka Mirpuri

I am

My Journey

Maheka Mirpuri wears many hats – fashion designer, jewellery designer, fitness enthusiast, themed event planner & designer and a passionate philanthropist. For designer Maheka Mirpuri what started as a passion soon grew to become her profession with the launch of her couture-de-salon…


Move for cancer awareness

Maheka Mirpuri has initiated a fight against cancer by setting up a charitable foundation at the Tata Memorial hospital (TMH) for providing financial assistance to the underprivileged towards cure for cancer as a whole and Head & Neck cancer in particular…