Glamour Girl

Party Wear 2020

The “Glamour Girl” by Maheka Mirpuri is all ready to bring on that Sparkle
She’s Bubbly, Charismatic and Full Of Life.
She belongs to the World of Beauty, Fashion and Show Biz.
She has a lot of skills and is very talented.She’s Too Glam to Give a Dam… She’s full of Confidence.
She’s Gracious, Well Regulated and owns Her Inner Smile.
“She Captivates and Fascinates “
She’s too Fashionable to wear Glamorous things and Too Glamorous to Behave
This Party Wear Collection spells Shimmer and Shine .
From Sequinned Zipper Jacket-Dresses to Taffeta exaggerated Shirts ,from Luxurious Faux Fur Boleros to Shinny Skirts,Gold Swarovski beaded encrusted Jackets to multicoloured Sparkly Hot Pants …



Maheka Mirpuri

I am

My Journey

Maheka Mirpuri wears many hats – fashion designer, jewellery designer, fitness enthusiast, themed event planner & designer and a passionate philanthropist. For designer Maheka Mirpuri what started as a passion soon grew to become her profession with the launch of her couture-de-salon…


Move for cancer awareness

Maheka Mirpuri has initiated a fight against cancer by setting up a charitable foundation at the Tata Memorial hospital (TMH) for providing financial assistance to the underprivileged towards cure for cancer as a whole and Head & Neck cancer in particular…