Fearless Fuchsia


Maheka Mirpuri unveils her SS21 Collection “Fearless Fuchsia “
Fearless because … The name says it all …It’s a very bold collection ..resonating with her current mind and the ongoing pandemic situations ..It’s all about embracing change and moving forward …It’s all about buoyant levels of self confidence and easy glamour. In the midst of this pandemic nothing seemed more comforting than softer easier fabrics and looser silhouettes.. The Tie Dye series is a bang of colours …Full of energy for the strong liberated women ..It’s a mood lifter. …A new mood with certain restraints and fantasy .. The bird is strongly used as a symbol of freedom .She flies to her own destination …Every bird has her own peculiar style ..And in “Fearless Fuchsia” she is colourful, playful and fun ..shes leading you to another zone ..One of comfort and reassurance ..Its a breath of freshness to the eye. From zipper long dresses, to short flowy ones ,off shoulder blousons to exaggerated sleeves ,bee enamel buttoned play suits to voluminous kaftans this collection has it all. The Hand Painted series is a definite indulgence .. Big floral and butterfly motives in streaks of red and fuchsia with beaded embellishments shout out glamour.. The fashion accessory chain harness/belt or neck piece from Maheka Mirpuri is a statement purchase in this 2021 season. So indulge with the new shopping experience online with Maheka Mirpuri Embrace these new normal times and Stay Safe …and Always….. Be Glamorous!



Maheka Mirpuri

I am

My Journey

Maheka Mirpuri wears many hats – fashion designer, jewellery designer, fitness enthusiast, themed event planner & designer and a passionate philanthropist. For designer Maheka Mirpuri what started as a passion soon grew to become her profession with the launch of her couture-de-salon…


Move for cancer awareness

Maheka Mirpuri has initiated a fight against cancer by setting up a charitable foundation at the Tata Memorial hospital (TMH) for providing financial assistance to the underprivileged towards cure for cancer as a whole and Head & Neck cancer in particular…