Festive Fall 2020

This Fall Festive 2020 Collection takes you back in time… The elegance and sartorial decadence of the 19 th century has been inspired over the years ..
This collection spells the timeless trends of the Victorian era.
Many of the silhouettes are puffed at the shoulder staying true to the Vintage style
The collection is bombarded by new eclectic takes on the old trend, from sheer lace to exaggerated sleeves in bold prints and colours
The abundance of ruffles and tulle dominate this luxurious look
It’s an interesting blend of “Old meets New”
The contrast is a breath of fresh air
Modern pieces employ century old silhouettes resulting in garments that feel both yesteryear and entirely new age
The Animal prints gave the old trend a New look..
The mix of the Indian rich Banarasi Silks and the Bandhani Duppatas add to the Festive Look for this season.. The new age kurta and the sexy saree have given a contemporary charm to a modern look.
It’s a great mix of Being Glamorous and Stylish -Festive and Elegant
Welcome to Colorful Nostalgia !



Maheka Mirpuri

I am

My Journey

Maheka Mirpuri wears many hats – fashion designer, jewellery designer, fitness enthusiast, themed event planner & designer and a passionate philanthropist. For designer Maheka Mirpuri what started as a passion soon grew to become her profession with the launch of her couture-de-salon…


Move for cancer awareness

Maheka Mirpuri has initiated a fight against cancer by setting up a charitable foundation at the Tata Memorial hospital (TMH) for providing financial assistance to the underprivileged towards cure for cancer as a whole and Head & Neck cancer in particular…