The Gilded Edge

Every fashion conversation begins with colour! Colour excites, ignites and stimulates the senses, creating endless possibilities for a woman to reinvent her wardrobe. Colour defines the mood and attitude of each season, giving the customer immediate style credit in her closet. Colour whether classic or chaotic can be a powerful yet simple conveyor of emotion.

For my collection this season luxe appeal is back with the illustrious metallic tone – Gold, as it makes a fierce dominance in my creations! Although there are multiple hues of gold, I have always been an advocate of dull antiquated gold. It’s not flashy and gives a sophisticated look. I thoroughly enjoy working with it which is quite evident by looking at its predominance in my collection – be it the fully embellished dress or the ravishing and sexy avian inspired blouse in antiquated gold zardozi tilla work cut in the shape of a bird’s feathers or the lehengas and kurtas that I have designed.


Gold has been an innate part of Indian fashion. With the onset of festive and bridal season one might want to embrace a gilded look. However there is a fine line between when this look works and when it does not. It is quite a tricky hue and must be carried off correctly.After all, one does not want to end up looking like a disco ball. Subtlety is the key and you just cannot compromise with it.

To look chic and not over the top, we must remember that the colour gold by itself is very bold. While adorning the look one must minimize the other aspects. Pairing the alluring gold with something simple always works. It is basically the juxtaposition of something that is gleaming and something that is toned-down. A spectacular combination, I must say.

Flashy accessories do not work with a gold dress. Imagine teaming up a gold dress with gaudy accessorization and flamboyant shoes – sheer disaster! Similarly when going for the full glitter effect with accessories one must make sure that the ensemble is sombre. For example; golden shiny shoes will go very well with a simple black dress. The same rule applies for gold make up. One must go for subtle shimmer when it comes to gold eye make-up or nail paints.

Look stunning but maintain a balance with this tricky hue!