The Gilded beauty and Alluring vintage of Croatia

Heyy! I guess you guys have been wondering where I suddenly disappeared after all that activity on Maheka’s Canvas. Well, I was away in Croatia – yes that gilded beauty with an alluring vintage. Every structure telling a tale of the country’s rich cultural legacy. I was totally enthralled by its character and the charging vibe the country exudes. The purity in the air, the vivacious energy, the quaintness around the cobbled streets, the sapphire blue water – it was just simply magical!!!

Croatia is a highly tourist visited country. This historically rich country has 7 of its sites on the Unesco World Heritage list. We in fact visited a few  – one of which was the Plitvice Lakes. It was one of the most beautiful natural sights in the universe that I have seen. We had a tour guide to take us through the waterfalls and the perfectly made wooden pathways. The boat ride with a view of mountains all around interspersed with sunken caves was simply breathtaking.

From the small town of Montenegro to Split, Hvar, Korcula  and Dubrovnik – there was just  so much to learn. I felt the country is still not very commercial – it has a charm of innocence that engulfs you.

Split the largest City in Croatia had so much to offer. You can lounge around all day on the beach or then soak yourself in history. The old town kept us engaged for hours. The  Renaissance clock separated with Roman numerals in 24 parts raised on the remains of the Roman tower, the monumental statue of Marko Marulic, the  church that dominates the entire area which they now use as a gallery, the Diocletian palace, the cathedrals, the waterfront and the beautiful harbour – the city square is an architectural amalgamation and a melting pot for all tourists

The juxtaposition of the humdrum of everyday life with the rich historical heritage adds an air of mystery to the Diocletian palace, another Unesco heritage site.  The palace walls are full of cultural landmarks. Cosy cafes and restaurants surround the promenade and people dance to the accompaniment of live music. Sipping on our wines under the full moon setting and partaking the sights of this historical beauty with the harbour fencing us – it was such a complete picture postcard.

We ate some lovely Italian food and enjoyed their local Croatian wine in the busy lively square. The energy was so fresh & vivacious was totally rejuvenating . Local handicrafts, souvenirs and jewellery – were predominant all over in the quaint stores that were lined up in tiny by-lanes …We indulged and did lots of shopping .

My favourite place was Dubrovnik, another heritage site. I simply loved this city. The Dubrovnik city walls is a major tourist attraction . Walking along one can see forts around. The spectacular Stardun is where people gather. Cafés sprawled around limestone paving has a buzzing activity – a very picturesque sight that transports you back in time. The very baroque Dubrovnik cathedral is a beautiful piece of art. The intricate  design in gold and the high ceiling was simply stunning. The square of the Loggia in Dubrovnik was our meeting point every evening where we used to gather to take pictures and enjoy our drinks in the midst of history.

While Hvar was a buzzing zone with a casual feel – a very party place, Korcula another cute quaint town had lots of  art, culture and museums around. Korcula is the birthplace of Marco Polo and we went to see his museum there. I did lots of shopping here too for trinkets & souvenirs and came back with lots of learning from his time zone..

Lavender bags are the most popular item in all of Croatia – perfect give aways.
Apart from lavender, the coral jewellery and lace is what Croatia is known for and I shopped for them as well.

I will definitely revisit Croatia.The beauty is so surreal. I would like to soak in more of this historic zone any-time. A must visit for those who haven’t been there.

Leaving you with some snapshots from my trip that I am still reminiscing about…..
Enjoy the gilded beauty of Croatia …..