The Clever Dresser

At times when I walk into a party or a social gathering,  I am taken aback… I wonder emphatically on how some girls get their dressing so so wrong .! While some girls take hours to perfect their look and appear immaculate at all times some just don’t bother or then they feel they know it all …….

The social air kissing at dos, the frivolous gossips, chats on their new purchase – “Their IT bag”, their new nutritionist or then their new travel….  But do they think they have got their dressing right too? Seeing them squeezed  into their Hervey’s (2 sizes smaller), the one shoulder’s with their flabby arms or then seeing their J brand skinnys bursting at the seams with love handles hanging – such an embarrassment to the eye, the sagging cleavages… Some even wear their short numbers with untoned legs….some with stockings or then the new fad – crop tops when it’s simply not their age !!!!!
I mean guys see the mirror ya …..Why will you not want to look your best ?????  If you need a stylist ladies for even basic everyday know how’s then just please hire one…Its simple ….You can’t get style but You can get a stylist  !!!!!! You definitely have all the money for it ….You have your golden hair blow dried in curls every day …..Good advice is never gone to waste …. Please use it as your weapon ….
Agreed life in the social circuit is very busy and the worry is always to put the best fashion foot forward. But while it’s easy for some, for most it’s their biggest ordeal!!!!!!
Its very simple …….Just be a clever dresser!
Be your self, don’t try too hard, cos when you do, it shows!  You can look your best in even a basic white shirt. Simplicity is the key. Be confident and it will reflect in your poise. Carrying a brand but not knowing how to, does no justice to both -the wearer and the brand. One doesn’t necessarily have to be only a perfect size 8 to look good. I have seen many overweight ladies who carry themselves with so much élan. The key is -they are being themselves and not trying to ape their celeb friend or wear the latest trend which is not for their body type …Be yourself not a fashion victim…Be a clever dresser!!
A clever dresser will enhance and flaunt the best part of their body & camouflage their flaws. So what the eye notices is what you want noticed!!! You know your body best. Why will you want to show off something which is not you .. If you have a curvaceous body go for the best fitted dress …If you are bootylicious flaunt your low rise jeans. If you have good legs, show them off with ease… Invest in a pair of killer stills…We all do…..Give  height to yourself. After all poise only adds to every silhouette, even to a pair of basic jeans. The taller you look the slimmer you look. Don that famous Victoria wonder secret or then the ultra tight unbreathable corset……whatever works for you…..wear it right. Distract the attention to your best feature…It could be your smile, your fragrance. Wear the colour that’s best for you. Don’t just follow fashion trends…wear what’s right for your body. Be a Clever Dresser!
Like many others, my lifestyle too is very hectic….never ending commitments. And with my perfectionist nature I too, try to leave my home with all my prerequisites in hand – trying to balance my day to its best capacity ! With Mumbai’s scorching heat, horrible traffic zones .. I try to work around the best practical possibility that suits and comforts me ….With my pulled back hair in a high pony, I leave for work with my multifunctional day bag, which BTW is like my suitcase ….My bag doesn’t only carry my mascara, deo, compact and lip balm, It also has my charger, my iPad, my flats (for my running around), my chequebook, my sunblock, my earrings, my Loubss (in case I need to step out for a lunch). Almost everything to last me a full fledged day …  I try to multitask my day as per my mood …..
We all need to perfect the art of looking right. However, it should be at all times, every day  not only for a party …
Be A Clever Dresser -After all Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak!!!