Shouts of Wilderness

Blink of an eye and we have already entered the second week of October. At this point of time my excitement knows no bounds.   As we all gear up for my upcoming MCAN charity gala and fund raiser there is something else also that I need to do. Yes! It is time to share with you my collection this year: Shouts of Wilderness!

As you know by now I guess, the collection this year seeks inspiration from the skies. Apart from inspiring me, these avian fantasies also depict the noble cause of the event beautifully. Their personification of freedom syncs with our motive to encourage people to break the shackles of smoke addiction in order to prevent and fight cancer!


If you look closely these wildlings are vari colored. There is green, blue, purple, pink and red to name a few. Needless to say, I worked with these assorted hues and added another tricky one to the palette. The dull antiquated gold! I have always loved working with this metallic gold. It is also the dominant hue of the collection.

The end result of the amalgamation of love and inspiration is simply outstanding. A example of this is the antiquated gold blouse. The blouse has antiquated zardozi tilla work cut in the shape of a bird’s feathers enhanced by gold Swarovski beads. It is playful yet sensual.Even as an embellishment, the alluring gold augmented the ravish look of avian inspired blouses,lehengas and kurtas. Be it the blouse depicting the majestic peacock with the red lehenga, the white flouncy kurta with embroidery in teal blue, the cream lehenga with fine stitching or the salwar in lime. The gold short dress also tells that a Midas touch on your inspiration works wonders.

With the event date just around the corner, I am delighted with this powerful yet demure collection. Now I only pray to the Almighty that this year the MCAN foundation raises lots of funds and reaches many less fortunate people.