Planning an enchanting event

Being a fashion designer, staying in the public space is an integral part of my life. Showcasing a new collection to an audience every season is de rigueur for anyone in my profession. The question then is, how to be different each time, how to lift the bar with every event that you plan. For as the saying goes – you are as good as your last show!

We all love to party but when you’re the host, making sure the event goes as planned can be stressful. It takes effort. Whether I am planning a big charity gala or a small gathering for showing my resort line, I want my guests to have a good time. Being meticulous and a perfectionist, I like to see that every detail is immaculately put together-not a petal of a flower can be out of place nor a crease on the serviette; from sharpened pencil at the seated auction bids to the chilling of the wine to the right temperature – I will settle for nothing less than perfect!

Despite having a great team to help me execute my events, I stay personally involved to ensure that the deliverance is up to my satisfaction. A personal touch always adds to the nitty gritty. Small things and finer details matter the most to me and I try not to leave any stone unturned. From the venue & the menu to the perfect ambient lighting, from the detailing in the decor to the pulsating music and the crisp service – all these personalised details add up to the ultimate success of my events.

Having hosted events for almost 2 decades now, each time the bar lifts higher and the stress increases. The magnitude grows larger and the expectation increases. I dwell on challenging ideas each time & make sure that they are executed the way I have envisaged them.

Whether it’s creating the hay thatched cabanas with coconut-tree lined pathways complete with sand and pebbles, hammocks & bicycles and crab shells strewn all over or an infinite bed of flowers in an amalgamation of colours, whether it is creating a 50 feet pond filled with floating diyas or 5 feet tall Mogra elephants, whether it is recreating Kashmir with actual shikaras in tulip water lakes or the over emphatic dreamy orchid and chrysanthemum twig tunnel lit up with bulbs hanging, each and every decor is seemingly tailor-made to outdo the previous presentations and present a wow factor.

By delving into the minutiae and personally inviting a dynamic group of people to ensuring that they are seated comfortably and being looked after with utmost care – I make an individualised effort.

Exquisite food, flowing drinks and pulsating music is great – but what really adds up are the idiosyncratic elements of warm hospitality and distinctive detailing to an evening of heady conversations and live performances. It is imperative that the guests who have made the effort to attend your event feel that their evening has been well worth their time.

Now as days to my next charity gala closes in, I have already started planning its nitty-gritty. After all the bar must lift higher and I must outdo myself!