My travel diary

Just back from an amazing vacay spent in different capsules of the globe. And as as I reminisce over the last monthI feel completely refreshed & rejuvenated ready to take on new demanding adrenalines and soak up new parameters.

What a fabulous vacation I had absorbing diverse fashion trends as I traveled across different continents.

My annual Miami vacation is something I always look forward to – the beach bums looking hotter in their crisp white crop tops with sun tanned bodies – Miami fashion is stylishly casual. People chilling out in their tiny shorts and colourful vests teamed with trainers or espadrilles or gladiators with a happy vibe. My favourite were the black Prada and the nude Michael Kors gladiators.

Steve Maddens all white sneakers are a must have must say! I just loved how athletic and pet friendly this city is. Fitness is on everyone’s mind. Sipping their Starbucks skinny fraps and strolling with a pet pram – their new pet gear – this was the scene almost everywhere, be it the high-end malls of Ball Harbour or the grocery stores like Publix.

Perfectly groomed with their matching sunglasses carrying their poos as their best accessory. Even they were dressed for summer !!!!!!!

Whilst the day had a very casual chic the evenings were more glammed up.

As the hemlines rose higher, the stills also grew taller and the mood was overall smart. A visit to the Winwood art district was incredible, a modern and hip place with rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood surrounded by murals and cafes was a treat to the eye for an art lover like me.

Next stop Las Vegas which is all about pomp and show had an altogether different feel. Even though the climate was very very dry I still found people dressing up in their smart short dresses for their evening outs.

In their semi formal avatars they were all set to rock from a show to a big game. The Michael Jackson show was phenomenal. The king of pop continues to reign in our hearts as we croon “the way you make me feel.” Our fine dining experience by Joel Robouchon at L’atelier was an experience. From foie gras to the chocolate sensation it was quite an amazing sit down dinner.

New York of course is the Mecca of fashion. The buzz and movement in the city made me feel I was in Bombay – totally hectic and fast paced! The Madison avenue is a dream for every shopper. I loved Ralph Lauren’s new collection of the wide legged trouser, especially the high waisted pleated ones and the wrap over rose pink ones – I bought several of them. The Celine colour blocked shopper-The Twisted Cabas and the Split – Dior’s new aviators were my favourite picks. Walks to Central Park, the rocking night life at the Meat Packing. I tried to do it all completing my New York trip. Like they say no place in the world is like New York – you can order food at your doorstep even at 4 am!

And then it was time to reach my final & favourite destination – London. With hordes of family and friends there this city is never enough for me. The long walks through the day with the crispy breeze subtly touching you, I never ever was tired.

Every london girl carries her foldable pumps in her tote (Tods in lovely colours) and then before she reaches her destination pulls out her heels,

I just love it. Sipping my English breakfast tea – my all day fetish – and walking miles admiring the trends – it’s always such a treat for the eyes.

I love the always formal buzz of this city with people in their mandatory capes and coats and the omnipresent black colour through the day (which is allowed only in London) was ubiquitous. I loved Ted Bakers capes for the season. Make-up shelves were taken over by Charlotte Tilbury.

This make-up artist is the new sensation, having dressed almost every celebrity. I too went over to buy her range. I loved her miracle foundation and the shades of red she’s come out with. I also indulged in the new bootleg flared jeans by Paige – best fit ever – making the butt looking endowed!

The Rhs flower show in London had breathtaking flowers and plants to the peak of perfection. The pink roses were my favourite. The buzz in Mayfair and the Berkley square never dies. The new places I visited were Sexy Fish and Park Chinois, besides visiting my favourites – Zuma, Nobu and Rocca. With countryside lunches and late night casinos I came back feeling I did it all.

Well as they say, you don’t need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination! I’ve been travelling and feeding my wanderlust and all I can say is that we can always make money but we can’t always make memories. So take your chance and travel, as travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!!
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