Fashion is something I am passionate about – for me it is the most exhilarating way of propagating my experiences, enthusiasm and reverie with others. I am an artist forever seeking a new canvas to express my creativity. Be it my collections, jewellery, my fashion shows or events that I organise, I have always enjoyed to put my visions and thoughts into reality. And I take it as a challenge to raise the bar, surpass the expectations and deliver my best every time. So I was excited when I was approached to redesign the cabana look at Asilo using Grey Goose’s cocktail collection as inspiration along with few others from my fraternity.



The open air cabanas instantly brought a forest theme to mind as cabanas go well with forests. Drawing my inspiration from the Grey Goose cocktail Delft Blue, I envisioned to take my guests into a shrouded forest and focused on the practical yet stylish elements of the decorative possibilities of flora and fauna in design to represent the primal instincts of humans. Ripping a page out of Mother Nature’s book, I did up the cabana with large trees, brambles & twigs, violets interspersed with orchids & cherry blossoms and lanterns and bulbs – all of which shouted of wilderness – edgy, powerful, raw yet ethereal.



Dragging the chunky 8 feet tall trees and the wooden structures up 38 floors was quite a task. But they along with the lanterns and the fresh flowers added to my signature style. Each of these elements fit in perfectly well with my jungle story!



Creating this forest was fun. What acted as a cherry on the cake was the fact that my guests were mesmerised by the setup. Everything felt nothing short of an achievement. Their high spirits complemented well with the lovely moonlit evening. Atop 38 floors with a slight nip in the air it was a rocking night for sure!