Move For Cancer Awareness

The MCan foundation was incepted in 2013 by designer Maheka Mirpuri in aid of the Tata Memorial hospital (TMH) for providing financial assistance to the underprivileged towards cure for cancer as a whole and Head & Neck cancer in particular. Head and Neck cancer are the commonest cancer in the country, constituting one–third of all cancers with the highest incidence in the low socio-economic strata.

The foundation raises funds for the less privileged fighting cancer at Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), India’s premier cancer treatment, education and research centre. TMH is amongst the biggest cancer centres in the whole world registering more than 43,000 new cancer patients every year with 60% of the patients from the general category being given free or highly subsidised treatment.

Designer Maheka Mirpuri who lost her father and brother-in-law to cancer in the span of just one year, realised that fighting cancer is a huge financial drain & that got her thinking of how difficult it must be for the less privileged to fight this disease.

MCan hosts an annual fundraiser to help raise funds for the less privileged patients fighting head & neck cancer at at Tata Memorial Hospital. The MCan foundation not only raises money to help the underprivileged at TMH, it also raises awareness about a disease that can surface at any time.

The Mcan Foundation has rasied and handed over 4.92 crores to TMH in these last 6 years since its inception. To date over 700 patients have benefited through this initiative.
This charitable foundation has been established with the single minded purpose of enriching the human experience with hope, strength and joy & help patients who are not only dejected from medication and hospitalization, but also aware that their life span is decreasing.
MCAN – 2018
#IBelieve, the 6th edition of the annual MCan fundraiser in aid of the underprivileged cancer patients of Tata Memorial Hospital raised an astounding ₹ 1,45,01,910/-.
MCAN – 2017
Where the road takes us depends on our feet but where the journey takes us depends on our wings & #CANFLY MCan’s 5th edition pledged to help the cancer patients by raising ₹ 98,60,136/-.
MCAN – 2016
Pledging to make this a cancer free world, the MCan foundation in 2016 raised ₹ 90,28,945/- for the less privileged fighting cancer at Tata Memorial Hospital.
MCAN – 2015
In 2015 the MCan foundation pledged to help patients break-free from the abyss of darkness & give them the flight of hope! The foundation was able to more than double the funds raised in the previous year by amassing ₹ 91,58,348 in its 3rd instalment.
MCAN – 2014
MCan foundation in its second instalment raised ₹ 32,02,801/-. The foundation not only raised money to help the underprivileged, but it also raised awareness about a disease that can surface at any time.
MCAN – 2013
MCan a charitable foundation was incepted by Maheka Mirpuri in 2013. The launch of MCan was kicked off with a mega charity gala & fundraiser. The foundation in its inaugural year raised ₹ 33, 96,00/-.


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by Mickey Mehta