Move For Cancer Awareness


Cancer as we know is a rampant public health problem globally and the 2nd largest life taker disease today. The eclipse of awareness to Cancer weighs heavily on us all until we or our loved ones are personally affected by it. Due to a personal loss, Maheka Mirpuri set up a charitable foundation in 2013, specially designed to help the underprivileged fighting cancer as a whole and Head & Neck cancer in particular at the Tata Memorial Hospital. The Tata Memorial Hospital is a specialist cancer treatment and research centre, closely associated with the Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer. Every year nearly 43,000 new patients visit the clinics from all over India and neighbouring countries. Nearly 60% of these cancer patients receive primary care at the Hospital.

Christened MCan, Maheka’s charitable foundation provides financial assistance to the underprivileged towards cure for cancer as a whole and Head & Neck cancer in particular. The foundation not only raises money to help the underprivileged, it also raises awareness about a disease that can surface at any time. In the 7 years of its being set up MCan has raised considerable some of money that has helped nearly many patients at Tata Memorial Hospital save their lives.

I would request you to please come forward and generously donate and help save lives. Every penny collected adds up for aiding treatment or saving a life.

Let’s reach out our hand into the darkness to pull out another hand into light!
Let’s stand together for this noble cause!
Together we can make a difference!