Dressing the soul

Charity is something that comes from within. A small act of kindness gets you closer to God and he blesses you with even more. I myself am a firm believer in charity. It is heartwarming to see so many people give back to the society in some way or the other. And one such person is Vivek Oberoi, a very dear friend.

Last year at my charity gala for cancer patients, Vivek was a huge support. He endorsed my cause with his positive aura, vivacious attitude, determined dedication and undying belief. He is now supporting an initiative by Bombay Teen Challenge (BTC) to raise awareness of the grave issue of sex trafficking and will help them build a centre that will provide basic amenities along with education and healthcare to daughters of sex workers in Mumbai as a part of “Set Beautiful Free”.

It’s always a pleasure to associate with like-minded people working for such noble causes. So when Vivek requested me to be the style partner for Set Beautiful Free & design clothes for these young girls, I said yes without giving it a second thought. I quickly set up a meeting with these girls who came all the way from Badlapur. It was overwhelming to see them smile in anticipation of a happy and free life. I have been designing clothes for theatre, social events and weddings for over two decades now. But designing clothes for these little angels whose spirits were probably once broken was extremely inspiring. For me this was dressing the soul.

I have tried to keep in mind their individual sensibilities and innocence while designing for them ensembles in effulgent hues. Their mischievous smile and dreamy eyes have breathed life into my creations.

I am more than glad to be a part of this cause. Being a woman, I can imagine the spine chilling things future had in store for them if they weren’t rescued. Although it has been a painful journey, these girls were among the fortunate ones to have escaped the jaws of a cruel life.

Now as we are approaching the event day, I am delighted to see the girls dressed up in their colorful festive attires. Their excitement and happiness has truly rubbed off on me.

This Saturday on Raksha Bandhan day, they will walk the ramp accompanied by few Power Women. I also have the privilege to dress these immensely successful and powerful personalities for the evening.

I am looking forward to this year’s Raksha Bandhan where we will support a cause that will not just celebrate life but uplift our souls as well. I see a light at the end of the tunnel for the girls. It is a new beginning and I wish them a blessed future.