As I reel over the success of the launch of my SS16 collection -“Summer in the City”, I can’t forget the stress and hard work that went into creating the candylicious & fun fantasyland that I had envisaged. No matter how much in advance you prepare, the last minute attention to all the minutiae definitely gets my adrenaline pumping always. But this time around, the detailing of every aspect at the venue was so personalised that that much more was the effort that I had to put in along with my team. Despite having an army of people working on executing my theme, hands still fell short to help me articulate every minute detail. It was an all night affair in recreating my candy zone at the venue.


Getting the venue the previous night was definitely a great help as I needed a helluva lot of time to set everything up. And boy what a crazy night that was! I wanted to create a fun candy zone to reflect the poppy & cheery hues of my collection. I had every wall in the room covered with images of candies and to give it a 3D effect I had marshmallows and candies stuck on those images – a very time consuming affair that needed to be done very meticulously.


From the cups to the kettles, every feature in the candy zone was monogrammed with my M logo. I had huge tyres that were coloured in Pastel shades and hung on my clothes rack to create drama. From the exaggerated door at the entrance in sunflower yellow to the cake stand stacked with huge macaroons and the give-aways, every small feature had intricate detailing. Exaggerated thermocol marshmallows were specially handcrafted to my theme. Adding the exotic fresh arrangements of button roses and flowers, the edible icing again with my M logo on each and every freshly made macaroon and cupcakes was so very personalised and a perfect eye-candy.


The installation of a suspended mannequin became the focal point of my décor. Colouring the mannequin, dressing her up with detailing of make-up etc made her the spotlight of my décor for the evening. It was so dramatic.

It was an arduous but satisfying experience creating my candy zone. I was elated with the effort of my décor team, the hotel and its entire staff and specially the chef who ensured perfection and deliverance in creating “the perfect M fantasy candy bar “.


My “Summer in the City” was a stupendous hit. I’m overwhelmed with all the compliments I received – all the hard work has paid off as I was able to create a perfect shopping experience for all my friends who were there.

And as I sign off I’ll say #BeGlamorous…..after all its “Summer in the City”!