It’s over…after months of hard work, stress and pressure it’s all over. A day in my life that I was working day & night towards, months of hard work & preparation is now over. And it feels just like yesterday…..The weariness and fatigue from which I am still coming out of, seems nothing in comparison to the adrenaline rush that I faced. With the overwhelming support & kindness of my friends and family I was able to embark towards setting it free… Yes BreakFree my charity fund-raiser this year for Mcan raised a huge amount for the Tata Memorial Hospital…And still counting…

Putting together an event is a great task and no matter how well in advance you start working towards it, the run up to the final evening is nothing short of sheer craziness. And it was no different this year either, as I worked towards presenting the 3rd edition of my foundation, MCan’s charity gala & fund-raiser on October 28th. And it wouldn’t be out of place to say that there was triple the amount of expectations and along with it came equal STRESS.

We fashion designers set looks and trends that showcase glamour at its best. What meets the eyes looks perfect, but the efforts and the hard work that goes into all this is hard to reckon. When planning an event of such magnitude chaos is but a given. But then let’s be honest, what is an event without a hint of chaos here and there! And the key to controlling the chaos is organization!

On the day of the show I would say that the one thing that is the most important besides having everything completed is timing! Anu & my back and forth conversations result in nothing less than the best. She always articulates my thoughts into reality and each time we work towards another level. Making sure everyone including myself, models, performers, comperes, helpers and even the showstoppers were present and ready to go was the major start to the day

Setting the room up was next. From the crisp auction brochures to the fine pieces of art we hung from the trees or the unusual Y shaped woody ramp, everything was flawless. I had the evening’s look & feel very vividly etched in my thoughts and Nazneen once again executed my thoughts to reality by recreating a forest feel in the crystal room at Taj. She gave me my magical decor and it looked simply amazing. 

I am still recovering from the tiredness and fatigue but at the same time, I am elated. From Nash & Gaysil’s stupendous ballet to Manasi Scott’s electrifying performance, from Rohit Roy’s wit and humor to Kubra Sait’s vivacious stage presence, from Dr Anil Dcruz’s humbling speech to Mark Rego’s helming of the live auction which comprised of fine art pieces put together by Penny Patel and all my art friends– each aspect of the evening turned out fabulous. The event ended with a fashion presentation of my collection which was inspired by the avian fantasies. This was followed by Akbar Sami’s retro music which transported us to a completely different zone.

While Anil Kapoor’s presence on the ramp as the guest of honour with his charming and humble personality added soul to my evening, his heart rendering speech touched the emotional chords of everyone present. I was honoured to have him as my distinguished guest and for lending his support to Mcan. Vivek Oberoi, my dear friend, once again walked as the showstopper in my creation.

While onstage everything was picture perfect, behind the scenes was a whole different story. From the chaotic confluence of the backstage helpers hustling to get the models ready, make-up artists applying final touches, models trying to post that one last selfie before they walked the ramp to last minute fittings, emerged a beautifully choreographed performance.

All the nail biting, worrying, absolutely draining and tedious schedules and nonstop work was all worth it. I could not have done it without my entire team with whom I have been working for over a decade now. Kudos to them!

It was an evening of perfection. I not only could raise more money than the previous two instalments but the turnout and the collection was par excellence. The guests were spellbound throughout the evening. This year the level of the fund-raiser escalated to another level and the challenge now is to beat it the next time around.

As I write this piece and reminisce about the success of the event, I must admit the chaotic feeling made for an even more complete victory. So is it really all chaos? I’d have to say yes but it makes for a great show!

This festive season let’s pledge yet again to help someone, somewhere in some way BreakFree from the abyss of darkness and give them the flight of hope!!

Have a joyful Diwali….