Anarkalis – a fashion staple

Dating back to the Mughal era, Anarkali salwar suits have today become the staple choice for women for all occasions. Anarkalis have captured the heart of every woman and everyone seems to be in love with this revitalized vintage style statement! Anarkalis today are in vogue with women of every age and size as an evergreen fashion trend in Indian traditional wear.

Anarkalis almost faded into oblivion for quite some time before making a ravishing come back into the world of fashion. While the concept is still an old one, fresh designs and innovative patterns adorn these beautiful salwar suits that add a different dimension to your looks! They are ethnic, they are fashionable, they give you a royal feel and they intensify your femininity! This unique combination of tradition and trend makes these frock-style salwar suit a special outfit for women of today.

My latest collection which is inspired by the quaint elegance of the Indian royalty has an extensive range of anarkalis. A fusion of east & west, I have created the anarkalis as an amalgamation of Indian silhouettes with Western sensibilities. While revamping the classic I have retained the poise of an urbane feel in my designs. Oozing with the fluidity of lyrical poeticism the anarkalis in my collection are dramatic yet stylish & elegant. Styled with grace and elegance and translated into very feminine styles, the anarkalis have royal volume and a couture-like, aristocratic and majestic allure.

I have used two tone silks, chanderi, French tulle, French chiffon and benarasi for my anarkalis which are voluminous and ankle length kurtas. While the bridal anarkalis in my collection are extensively detailed and embellished, I have also created them in chiffons and cottons for occasions other than weddings. With pleated fitted bodices and extensive panels, the billowy anarkalis with flowing fabric create a dreamy quality and make for a comforting silhouette.

If you have a striking figure, long legs and good height Anarkalis would obviously look exquisite on you. However, if you are little and petite pick an anarkali suit with modest flares. Try to find something that is not going to hide your legs completely. The ‘V’ neck Anarkali suits are good for short and medium height women as V neck lengthens the neck and avoids making short or medium height women look shabby. Tall women can go for any type of neck designs. Tall women should avoid wearing knee length anarkali suits and short and petite women look graceful with high heels.

A number of Bollywood heroines are also seen wearing the anarkali. I too have dressed few of them in my anarkalis. You can shop for my anarkalis online by visiting my website.

If you want to look elegant while putting only a little bit of effort, anarkali suits are must-haves for you. Just keep your accessories right and you are ready to rock the show!