An Avian Fantasy

As days draw closer for the unveiling of my collection, I frantically work towards putting it all together. It’s been a long day at the photo shoot but at the end of it all I am happy. One look at the final images and I am ecstatic -the result of the efforts that I have put in for coming up with this collection are just amazing. Ujwala Raut has done complete justice to my designs and Vibhash has yet again proved that he is my go to man when I need great pictures to tell the story of the inspiration of my creations.

A creative industry like fashion can challenge the artist inside you. To be successful in the world of fashion one must always pay heed to their inspirations. For the past two decades, my work has been a facsimile of my inspirations.

Bold aesthetics and clean lines is what are defining my collection this time. To give off the look of modern edge,I have incorporated minimalism, versatility and functionality. It gives you drama without being too dramatic and edge without being too edgy.


My collection this year draws its inspiration from avian creatures and the feminine obsession with animalismexpressed through fashion. Edgy yet structured, powerful yet demure, natty yet raw – the collection suggests aplayful yet sensual femininity. The creations focus on the practical yet stylish elements of the decorativepossibilities of flora and fauna in fashion to represent one of human being’s more primal instincts and istherefore christened Shouts of Wilderness.Seeking inspiration from these avian fantasies in the sky I am enamoured not just by their chromaticextravaganza but also with the way they Break Free and fly high probably telling a tale of a flight of hope fromdarkness to embrace the light.The collection looks ravishingly sensual & I can’t wait to tell my story. Well, October 28 is just weeks away!