A moment of gratitude

The sweat of the brow, the anxiety of meeting deadlines, the hectic schedules, the awry sleep hours, the umpteen meetings, the angst over whether things will go as per plan….it’s all over. Phew….Putting together an event is a great task and no matter how well in advance you start working towards it, the run up to the final evening is nothing short of sheer craziness.


After lengthy working days and months of preparation, it’s now actually all over.  The weariness and fatigue from which I am still coming out, seems nothing in comparison to the adrenaline rush that I faced. There were times I actually lost sensation in my body and edginess surrounded me. Comfort food is only what made my mind breathe.


From the frenzied travel shoot to Jaipur to the numerous meetings at Tata Memorial Hospital, from the nitty-gritty planning with the production crew to deciding the menu with the Taj, from the decision of the choice of flowers for the décor to selecting the myriad pieces for the auction…’s been crazy. But with a sigh of relief and elation I yet again feel like overwhelmed by the success of it all. And it could have not been achieved without the support of the many people who year after year help me in putting together an event of this magnitude.


A heartfelt gratitude to the first lady of Maharashtra Mrs Amruta Fadnavis who graciously accepted my request to be the chief patron, who took every single phone call that I made to her, never once saying she’s busy – an amazing soul inside out, an inspiration to all…..she spoke so beautifully lending her support towards this cause.


I cannot but thank enough Dr Anil DCruz who stands behind me year after year with full faith & support. To Dr Dcruz a big thank you! Shalini Jatia and Gul Kripalani who didn’t ever complain despite my numerous calls and never ending meetings with them. To the entire team at TMH who gave me their undivided support without a grumble – to all of you I am grateful. I promise I will keep trying again and again – till I fail.


Thank you Soha Ali Khan & Kunal Kapoor for endorsing the cause by being present that evening. Its voices like yours that need to come out in support to garner interest & awareness towards causes such as these.


It’s not just the pressure of putting together a well planned event, but it’s also lifting the bar higher from what was done previously. It is about ensuring that what I have envisioned rolls out to the ‘T’. Yes what meets the eye looks perfect, but the efforts and the hard work that goes into all this is hard to reckon. When planning an event of such magnitude chaos is but a given. But then let’s be honest, what is an event without a hint of chaos here and there! And the key to controlling the chaos is organization! And for this I must thank Anu Ahuja and her team who know every pulse of my personality and execute it nothing short of perfect.


Setting up the room as per my vision is my go to person Nazneen Gamadia and her team. From designing the magnificent 5 feet gold jewelled elephant in keeping with my theme of the evening – the opulence & grandeur of India, to the over 6000 exotic flowers brought in to be hung from the ceiling, from the winding floor level ramp with an island setting to the beautifully done up dinner tables, I had the evening’s look & feel vividly etched in my thoughts & Nazneen once again executed my thoughts to reality.


Taljinder Singh and his team at the Taj have never ever failed to impress the guests with their impeccable service & sumptuous food. Thank you for all your support.


Vikas Bhalla thank you for giving the evening a befitting start with your melodious songs which was further continued by the live saxophonist and the retro music that wafted through the evening with the perfect culmination by DJ Akbar Sami.


The thoughtfully chosen art pieces, the spectacular jewellery piece by my friend Renu Oberoi, the exotic destination of Chiva Som and the collection of yours truly – all went under the hammer in the course of the evening hosted by the brother-sister duo of Danish & Kubra Sait. And yes we raised Rs 50 lacs that day for the underprivileged at TMH. Who says people are not generous?? The city does have heart. Thank you all my friends and family who year after year have showed their underlying belief in me and always support the cause. It’s only because of them and their faith that the Mcan charity gala is a huge success year after year.


From the chaotic confluence of the backstage helpers hustling to get the models ready, make-up artists applying final touches, models trying to post that one last selfie before they walked the ramp to last minute fittings, emerged a beautifully choreographed performance.

For ensuring that the models look fabulous on the ramp, I have to thank Reshma Merchant and her team. Patiently she executed the look on each of the 18 models.


All the nail biting, worrying, absolutely draining and tedious schedules and nonstop work was all worth it. As I write this piece and reminisce about the success of the event, I must admit the chaotic feeling made for an even more complete victory. So is it really all chaos? I’d have to say yes but it makes for a great show!


They say if your thoughts are good victory is inevitable. The purpose of the evening was to raise huge monies for the underprivileged fighting cancer. I will continue to keep trying each time with relentless zeal to do as much as I can for the Tata Memorial Hospital. For if each one of us come together to help, they CANSURVIVE.


God is kind. Have a joyful Diwali….